Your reliable German BRC Broker

As a link between supplier and customer, between industry and retail, and producers and other processing companies we naturally consider ourselves and our business activities as part of the whole value chain. Therefore, we carry out our business activities transparently and understandable for our customers, just like our products. With our promise to quality and our company policy, we have successfully set up a sound basis, which has already proven its worth in the past.


Andreas Wendt

"For us, the BRC-Certification is a natural and systematic development of our already extensive quality promise. We entirely accept and support the consequential rights and obligations for management, risk analysis, product and quality control, as well as supplier management."


Truly promoting, fully sustainable

In both, our own and of our clients interest we decided to adapt one of the most extensive and current standards of certification in spring 2015: the BRC "Agents & Brokers" Standard. The BRC Agents & Brokers Standard is a derivation of the BRC-Food Standard and was specifically designed for retailers and service provider. It has only been available since 2014. By introducing this standard we want to make a positive contribution as part of the value chain in terms of product specifications, food security, and transparency and strengthen the trust our partners invest in us even further.


1st German BRC Broker for frozen food

We are the first organisation in Germany being certified by the BRC Agents & Brokers Standard in the categories frozen fruits and vegetables. We not only take on a pioneering role out of responsibility or strategic considerations, but also because we hope this initiative will be followed by competitors and other relevant participants. Only together can we achieve outstanding food quality and extensive safety.


>>> Please find here our BRC "Agents & Brokers" Certificate <<<